If you want to have your own blog there are two alternatives offered to you: 1. You can start it from the scratch and 2. You can buy an already existing blog. Many individuals would want to know which of these two options the best is, but this depends mostly on the blog you want to create and how much you are willing to wait until the new blog starts making profits.

If you look at the things from the last perspective, with a new blog you will have to wait more than 6 months before showing any profit. But with a blog which is already identified by search engine sites, you can see it as one that can make profit faster.

But let’s see what these options come with:

  • Starting a new blog right from the scratch provides you with the possibility of creating the blog in the way you like it. You can as well implement the SEO techniques in the way you find it the more suitable for your blog to be located online. If you have the knowledge on how to work on a blog to be professionally created it can become quite efficient for your purpose. It is true that it may take some time before you see traffic on it and any profit coming of it, but still it is your own creation and you can be really proud of your work.
  • Buying a blog that is abandoned can come as the second option for you, but this has its benefits and its drawbacks as well. It is important for you to find the blog that has the topic of your interest and knowledge, that has an online presence for some time (the more presence the better), and also has a lot of traffic built in the meanwhile. There are hundreds of blogs that are abandoned daily even some of them look like they have just been started with a few posts edited on them.

These blogs are no use for you since they are almost in the same condition as your blog will be after you have created it from scratch. As to the already established blogs, well this is another matter. You can buy one of these that have been abandoned in the meanwhile as they have been indexed by search engines all this time and can still gain traffic for the future.

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