As a new comer in the world of blogs you will want to get more traffic because how else can you earn that money if nobody visits your blog? When you will see that people do not visit your blog you can become very discouraged and as such your zeal can be cut down. But do not fall into this trap that fast; take a minute and read the following lines to introduce you to some secrets on how to get visitors on your blog.

There is however one aspect that you need to keep in mind: do not think that if you have created the blog and have placed a few posts over there this is enough. You should put more effort into adding more content to your blog as in this way you can increase your traffic faster than you have thought you would.

  • One other aspect to take into account is to get backlinks that are of quality. This can be done by creating Squidoo lenses that contain links to direct users to your blog. You can as well write a Web press release through which you let users know about your blogging activity.
  • Make yourself visible by commenting on other people’s blogs. You can easily join other blogs and post there your own comments that should be relevant and useful to others.
  • Make sure that you offer guests posts to relevant bloggers inside your niche. Many users will take this opportunity as they will get more relieved of the blogging pressure that gets hold onto them. In this way you can also offer links to your blog.
  • Consider approaching topics that serve a niche market. You have to be aware of the fact that in this struggle of getting traffic, there are other blogs more established on the market than you are, and users will go there more often. As a result you should niche your blog down by choosing a sub-niche that is barely approached by others. For instance if your blog is about ‘weight loss’ you could approach a sub-niche related to this topic and write about ‘Nutritional Needs in Weight Loss Diets’ or something of the kind. This new blog will include as well a link to the primary niche of your original blog.

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